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Naruto VS Natsu by darkninja238 Naruto VS Natsu by darkninja238
Here`s my latest DEVIATION guys!! (New Year Special)
Sorry if took me too long to finish this. To be honest, this is my 1st time to work with my own background. I hope i did it well enough. I also find hard time in making Natsu`s flame cause i really don`t have any idea how to make it. Fortunately, i did it in my way. I hope you like it. ^_^

-Naruto (Sennin Mode) VS Natsu (All modes he can)-
Of course, Naruto is restricted to use the Chakra Mode and Bijuu Mode cause it will just turn into one sided battle. Natsu is allowed to use all modes he can like Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, Dragon Force, and others.


P.S. ( i need some critique-like-comments for my drawing though so you are free to evaluate if you want.Just drop it on the comment box.)
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black-dragoness52 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015  Student Writer
RandomiteTandomite0 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015
Still same opinion or has yours changed? If you still care that is. (Just dropping by it's been over 2 years)
L-MASTER Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Hobbyist Artist

Wbaez93 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Natsu dies. 
sho87 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
They're so crap ass I hope they kill each other off. But for logics sake, Naruto has better reactions feats and strength feats, I'd say their destructive capcity are equal but that's a strength since Natsu's biggest feat is island level while Naruto is a country wide.
LegendaryRey Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :)
MessedUpYuriFan Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
If its limited to just the sage mode then natsu no problem.
Im not entirely sure that natsu would need to use the lightning-flame mode.
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You sure is overrating FT so much aren`t you? :D
Did u even know that sage mode fought Kurama one on one and defeated him?
And he the four-tailed Clone Naruto was just toyed by sage naruto in Chikara Ark..

I think Natsu will struggle with one punch of sage mode.
And Naruto`s speed will help him hit natsu with Odama-rasengan. one hit of Rasengan in any way Naruto will do it will make this battle over.
345rv5 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist
Well if is current Sage Mode Naruto, he can one shot Natsu.

But going by Pein invasion arc feats which is much weaker, Natsu would hold his own.
Mordecaiser123 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
i have a wierd feeling natsu will win because he blocked sting's strongest attack and deafeated two of them at the same time
thorman Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
wuau what combat awesome ana fantastic in my opinion naruto wins in power is one great work colugrations friend.
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :icongrin--plz:
Nickxt234 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Student Filmographer
I prefer Nartu oand Natsu teamate
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, that would be better ^_^
RemyDx Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
This would be the greatest fight ever!!! :happybounce:
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
VixenTFox Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
I think it would end in a draw, with them both exhausted and laughing.
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is the best opinion i`ve read so far ^_^
Even I didn`t expect this, but yeah.. Natsu and Naruto`s attitude might let them end up that way :D
VixenTFox Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
Heroes are like that.
345rv5 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist
Current Natsu should be a good match up for Sage Naruto, especially when he's on par with his Dragon Force power in base post timeskip.

Hell had not for the Juubi, Madara, Obito and current Naruto, Foiry Tail might be on par with the seires of Naruto. The Saint Wizzards and most S class wizards are all on the level of a Kage or a Bjuu and A rank mages are at least Jounin level
RandomiteTandomite0 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Not just that, Edo Tensei ruined that as well. You should include Hachibi in there depending on the scenario. Nagato and Itachi plus the resurrected kages are also a massive threat and now we have the 4 hokages resurrrected too. Soon Sasuke will be on there because Kishimoto wills it.

"Non saint wizzards liks PTS Laxus and Erza have attacks that can destory towns and their both below Marakov and Gildarts in power."

Not sure where you got this from, where was it stated. In Pre-timeskip, Jura was a wizard saint and he was only a jounin level at best. Granted he was the weakest but you see what kind of level of requirment it was back then. In Post time skip its more different.

In other post you said Lucy is undefeatable. Cana > Kakashi and Current Gai can only take on Elfman. Where is the proof for this? It is fine to have those opinions but I desire to know how you back it up.
345rv5 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist
True , Edo Tensei is too cheap even for Bleachverse.

Nagato and Itachi have been recently reealed back and the Edo Kages from other villages are no longer a factor. I think right now the previous Hokages are much more of a threat and either are powerful enough to take down the Fairy Tail verse singelhandely given each of them wield techniques/haxx that are beyond even Siant Wizard or normal Kage level powers.

MInato is obvious. He's moving around space and time itself which is agurable in it's actual speed but still alot faster than Laxus lightning speed or Jellal's meteor speed. He also can telport blasts that can level cites away with little effort, in a verse where the top tiers are only citybusters, that alone is a problem.

Hiurzen has shown to be on par with 2 Kages, Hashimarama himself is even said to be more powerful than any of the 5 current Kages and Second Hokage is around that level too and Hiurzen was shown to knock Kurama a good distance out of the village so any of those three would be more than enough to take down the Fiary Tailverse.

Sasuke currently is a non factor because he lacks new feats. The only feats we got from him was his fight with Danzo and while he'll be a problem for any top tier, he's far from unbeatable as metioned with the other kages as of yet. Now when he uses the full extent of EMS, you betcha he'll suprass even the 4 previous Hokages.

It's been stated and shown in the manga with the battle with Bluenote and Gildarts that Gildarts is abov e PTS Laxus, Erza and Mirajane. Also note Gildarts can easily overpower Natsu with out moving an inch whereas even Laxus and Erza need a bit of effort to do the same before the timeskip

I think you vastly undersieamting Jura's abilites. These feats say otherwise




He did a Jounin level attack with just two fingers so he's far above most Jounins in power. A Jouin would need more effort to do what Jura did with just his two fingers.

Yeah Lucy is undefeateable post timkip compare to Konoha 11, not the top tiers of Naruto. Post timeskip, she's at least woithin the very high to top tier of Naruto characters given her advancements with her celestal sprits however physically , she's below even PTS Sakura and Ino Aquarius in chapter 1 /espoide 1 of Fairy Tail has produced more destructive force and power than most of Konoha 111 in the timeskip. The only ones who beat Lucy in timeskip ( assuming she's the one attacked and sue doesn't use Uno Materia are Lee in gatese and Choji in Butterfly form.

Cana timeskip would be above Kakashi in power, at least with Fairy Gilttler. Kakashi would probably be matched up or better than her in other areas.

Current Gai without 7th Gtae only gets as far as Timeskip Elfmanb. Elfamn defeated Bacchus who's on par with Erza in power and Bacchus and Erza are notably much stronger than this feat .


bThe only way Elfman loses now is to Hirudora annd Elfamn is currently still weaker than Natsu let alone Erza, Laxus or Mirajane in timeskip.

I'm not saying the Fairy Tailverse ov erall is stronger. Narutoverse cleary outguns them in haxx, it's massively oerpowered top characters like Hiurzen, Senju Borhters, Minato, Kurama Naruto, Madara, Obito and Juubi and pretty soon Sasuke however the rest of the verse while strong hasn't made much in power advancements.

Fairy Tail on the other hand exponentially boosted even fodder like Max to be around Jounin level fighting power and those in the top tiers got a small power boost as well so Fairy Tail is starting to catch up, especially with the hype surrounding Acnologica or the fact base Naatu defeated two dragon slayers who were between Gai and Kakashi level ( Minus Kamui and Hirduora ) to around Kage level with only his base power and held his own with a guildmaster at full power.

The females in Naruto Minus Tsunade, Mei and Konan are nowhere near current Fairy Tail. Lucy PTS with Aqaurius and Tarus are more than enough to handle any women below Temari or Kurostuchi with ease. Erza, Kagura, Ultear, Mirevana and Mirajane laone would be on the level of a Kage.

So when come down to this, the top tiers in Naruto above Kage level would stomp Fairy Tail's strognest but the timeskip mid tiers like Max would be enough to defeat a Jounin
RandomiteTandomite0 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
THe strongest hokage is up for grabs now. Kishimoto has been inconsistent with it or should I say the characters have differing views.

If you are going to compare both universes unless there are restrictions people will compare everyone. Its just a standard norm whether it is good or bad.

Being above someone doesn't necessarily mean you are going to casually destroy a city. I know GIldarts is above them but I was specifically asking towards that hype of the statement.

Oh you mean the fight that defeated Brain the guy who barely showed anything? I know Jura's defense and Supreme Rock Crush is powerful but compared to the kage level shinobi average prowess that was considerably less. Now it doesn't mean for example Mei a kage level will survive that spell because there is no proof of it but there is more to a fight than just that.

Ok Konoha 11, now that is understandable. But she needs the celestial spirits.

There is no actual basis for Cana to be on par with Kakashi. Unless you are trying to invoke the hypothetical scaling argument Cana's showings are bleak at best, minus Fairy Glitter.

you mean that collision between two Erzas with their best armors/weapons? Thats largely more circumstantial in my opinion and also Bacchus in post skip gets trolled, he clearly isn't erza on postskip.

I could care less if FT is stronger or Narutoverse is stronger.
IMO, FT has the overall better hax depending on which.
Like I told the artist earlier. FT has the better high tiers for a reason.

Konan is situational and I like to think Tsunade and Mei as well.

As for fodder at least Narutoverse fodder can do something. FT fodder (not Max well he could probably defeat a nameless jounin) hasn't shown much. Also of course Kyuubi naruto fodder upgrade was just lulzy. At least its better than Bleach soul society fodder, they are the true definition of not doing anything. I think it was admitted the true power of the divisions lie solely with the captains mainly.
345rv5 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist
Yeah but its been clearly established via feats that the past Hokage are stronger than both the Edo kages of the other villages and the current 5 kage.

Yeah however if we dont resitrct Narutoverse at it's current state, it wouldn't be a fair fight for it's HST competitors Bleach or OP let alone Fairy Tail

The fact they can dish out that level of damage would put most S class wizards around the level of a Kage

Jura easily defeated Brain and was nowhere close to breaking a sweat compared to when he fought Jellal. Biran pre zero would be a challenge to Kakashi and most Jounins

Mei has shown less AoE than Jura yet can still damage people as strong as Sasuke and Madara so trying to say Jura isn't on the level despite being an opponent so easily with attacks that can level city blocks easily is not looking into the facts

Of course, she obivously can't do it herself . She's a holder type and not even like Cana who's at least shown some impressive speed reactions or some limited form of superhuman strentgh ( i mean she picks up barrels one handed filled with sake ). Lucy is phisycally inferior to even PTS Sakura so without her keys, she get fucked up badly by Hanabi .

Cana was show to have supersonic reaction speed when she fought Freed and Bluenote, while hardly impressive compared to a Jounin's speed, it's pretty fast for a holder type mage and she's gotten much stronger now . Her summoned liihtning attack is shown to be around special Jounin to low jounin level in terms of attack power and that was before timeskip

Keep in mind the island was vrtiually purilzed and vaporized and all that was left of the floating ilsand the size of a small town was a small platform . Each Erza would've been packing at least Kilotons od destructive force alone. TS Bacchus is at least on that level except his attacks are mo foucsed on ingoring durability and speed rather than raw power. I agree though that he's probably not as strong as current Erza at this point ,he's PTS Erza at best which still makes him very powerfulp.

I disagree with that. Fairy Tail has good hax but nothing is comrpable to Edo Tensei, the numberous Sharrigan hax or worse yet,the Riingean hax. Fairy Tail is still a better wirtten seires though.

True, fodder when working together can be exetemrely forimabdile in Naruto as seen with the Kin and Gin battle or the recent attempts to trap the Juub i when a combination of 40,000 shinobo formed megatons of dirt, cement and water .

Mind you max is the weakst of any mid tier Fairy Tail character before the timeskiop. Alzack, Jet Mdory and even Bisca have shown better feats than PTS Max and mind you everyone has gotten srronger in the timeskip, Max would be harldy any different timeskip than Bisca or Alzack. Also Max nearly defeated PTS Natsu nin base who's at least as strong as TS Naruto before Naruto gained Sage Mode.

Also to fruther prove my point about fodder being much stronger. Millana was pitfftully weaker than Natsu before the timeskip, now with recent feats , she is now on par PTS Mest who is easily on the level of Gray and Natsu PTS.Mind you that despite Millaina's massive power increase, she would still be fodderized by any high tier in Fairy Tail.

I don't count that as the fodders on strentgh or power but man that's just trolling by Kishimoto. I actually see the 40,000 fodder with Kurama charka to be blalant trolling. Guiven Hinata can repel the arm of the Juubi, it's a massive increase of power.

To be fair to Bleach, at least the fodder have some degree of power, worthless or not are more powerful than marine fodder who are just normal huans with guns .

It's sad when Marine fodder are more effective than any Bleach fodder. I mean with a combination attck with Top Tiers like the Amdrials and Blackbeard they killed the strongest character of their seires. Compare this to Aizen when even the Captains are fodder by comparison

40,000 kyuubi cloak ehanced fodders can put up a better fight against Aizen than all the Captains in the Gotei 13 which is sad. Juubi shits on Aizen in power and every aspcet of it and yet the Kyuubi cloak ninjas are at least capable of straching it, combined with Kurama Naruto' own riddclous attack power and Killer Bee, they have a soild chance of beating Aizen whtout anyone losing power

Hell the treatment of fodder in Bleach and even captains only grew worse in the timeskip. While One Piece has advanced grealty with characters getting stronger like Law's awesome power increass or in Fairy Tail where even fodder like Max can push Natsu to his limit and force him to rain to get stronger, Bleach has nerfed Rukia and had her job to teddy bears and the Captains look like shit without Bankai.
RandomiteTandomite0 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Brain has some good range attacks and some speed but thats it. He will give Kakashi initial trouble but then lose. Pre-time skip Jura isn't much worth saying. Now Post TIme Skip is likely a different story. Preskip wasn't much of a city block casual level.

So you only have reaction at best based on a minimal fight with Freed. Bluenote skirmish is not much a fight rather. Cana still lacks other things.

That floating island was pretty small in fact I think it was smaller than Tenrou Island which is pretty small too. USing kilotons in language. Are you active in any forum?

I think what I meant to say is that Fairy Tail has the better average hax. If you focus on the actual hax in terms of tier Fairy Tail has more hax but its harder to trump the mokuton, Sharingan, rinnegan, edo tensei.

Captains always looked like sh** without bankai early on. Hitsugaya a great example.
345rv5 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist
.Kakashi would win with moderate diffculty, i agree however he gets raped badly by his Zero counterpart

Did you not see the crater in the manga creatred by Jura's two finger attack or the expolison scale within the anime. Just two fingers from Jura is a casual city block buster. Kakashi isn't withatanding a blow like that without serious injures

Given Cana was always shown to be low high tier in FT and has moved up alot in power, i think she can even beat Kakashi with some good effort,if Fairy Gilttler is used, it's pretty much over.

It's still the size of a town and again even within the size of the island beiung small, the island was still vrtiually vaporized. I get my information from different froums, mostly in terms of vaporization engery and for what i know, vaporizing that small island would reuqire at least several hundered Kilotons of force. Kiloton level attack power is not bad for a low top tier before the timeskip,

Not even OPverse hax would top those hax. Edo Tnesei alone in OPverse would be hell, especially if Kabutomaru brought back Whitebeard or Ace. That's what makes Naruto villains so infamous in the hax department, they not only can outhax you but kill your strongest fighters and turn them into their weapons.

Hey that's not always true. Byakuya used to be cool and can fight without Bankai but this new arc sure as hell ruined it.
RandomiteTandomite0 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
Kakashi defeated by Zero? In probable cause Kakashi can certainly win although Kamui is his necessary tool.

Don't watch the anime because I consider the manga the primary canon. ANime is always an adaptation. Also again didn't that occur because of Supreme King Rock Crush and Brain was trapped?

Again you aren't giving actual reasons. You are using the hypothtical scaling argument is a rather a relative factor. To be fair, its possible that Cana being up in power has the ability but I have not seen anything from her that is noteworthy minus Fairy Glitter.

That island was the size of a town?
OBD is the one forum that uses ton language more than any other forum.

Some people are complaining the way Orochimaru brought them back was too easy. Uzumaki clan not famous? Hmmmm.

You mean Byakuya and Kenpachi? Well yes.
(3 Replies)
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dont restrict anything on Natsu though. ( It is stated on the description.)

Hmm.. I`m referring the real Natsu on this battle, i just drawn the old Natsu`s suit cause he looks better on it.

About the Wizard saints and Kage`s, i think I cant agree with that.
Kages are so powerful.

Sorry, but i respect your opinion. I hope u respect mine as well :)
345rv5 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist
Well it makes sense given Natsu would need everything he's got aginst Sage Naruto and he can't get much fruther than that with his current feats. No way in hell anyone in Fairy Tail is surrving a Bjuudama fromm FKM Naruto.

You're kinda underestimating the Siant Wizzards. Non saint wizzards liks PTS Laxus and Erza have attacks that can destory towns and their both below Marakov and Gildarts in power.

Hell Maraakov in base form had enough power to generate a storm and earthqauk from his magic power alone so i doubt he' below a Kage in power
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it doesn`t matter on AoE attacks though. It`s about the killing instinct. No matter how strong wizards are, they can`t be matched to shinobis. Even Sasuke (who`s not a Kage or sanin or even Jounin) can kill any of Gildarts, Erza, or Laxus. Just one Amaterasu targeted on their face and everything is over. (we all know that amaterasu cant be dodged with just an average speed. You need Raikage or Minato`s speed to dodge it. And it`s flames cant be burn out unless it`s target became ash.) Or even Sasuke`s tsukoyomi will be enough.

If we talk about Kage`s, I dont think if Makarov can stand at most 1 minute if he fought Minato, or 4th Raikage. To think that Makarov is on the 3rd spot entitled "Wizard Saints". Earthquakes and storms or his giant mode will be useless. It will not give a scratch on Raikage and it will not even hit Minato. If we add Hashirama here (who has a Passive/automatic healing ability), then it will become more chaotic.
345rv5 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist
Yeah, there's a decent amount of attacks in Fiary Tail that focus more on cutting power, hax or attacks that ignore durability or negate magic power.

Sasuke is a non factor to this argument given he's suppose to be evenly matched to Naruto currently via powerscaling of his EMS and we already established Naruto being above the entire verse once he uses his Kurama charka.

While there's little doubt asuke can kill anyone in Fairy Tail with EMS. He'll have problems against Gildarts, Erza, or Laxus without it.You underesiamte the speed of Fairy Tail,mLaxus is able to travel as a form o lightning and he's at least comparable to the Raikage in speed

Sasuke's Tysumoki won't work on Erza. Given she has an artifcal eye, she has a strong resistance to illusion based powers and given her current magic power would be on par with Sasuke without EMS and eith only MS, she can probably break out of it.

Again, you overesitmate the power of a Kage but vastly underestimate the top tiers of Fairy Tail.

Using Minato is a poor arugemnt given Minato can blitz even the fastest Kage and clearly above any current kage in power or speed but that still doesn't mean he's having an easy time aginst Marakovor other top tiers.Marakov can take alot of pnihsment and pretty fast for a man his size. Minato needs to throw his kunai or mark the area he travels and hasn't shown any impressive speed without his kunai. While i have no doubt he can beat slower fighters like Erza, Gildarts or Karakov with speed alone, he's going to have problems with faster fighters unless he uses his full FTG speed like he did with Raikage or Obito.

Earthquakes and storms are far from useless against Minato, especially if those said storms can blow away his kunai preventing hi frokm marking his place to telport or the earthqaukes create fissures causes the kunai to fall into a hole. Hell given it can dirupt his telportation, wide AoE attacks are very useful against Minato, it's charging/strking attacks that are useless given the linear path and the time Minato has to dodge an attack of that level

Where's your proof this wouldn't strach Raikage

Let alone this


What has Raikage tanked to say that a kick that can cause Tsunamis can't hit him ? Raikage isn't Kurama Naruto, a kick of that level would still be enough to hurt him badly.

Again you missed the point. I'm not saying Siant Wizzard/Top tier FT characters= Pervious Hokages/Madara, i'm saying Current Kages= Saint Wizards going by feats
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That`s quite long....

Well, if we talk about Sasuke VS Laxus, no way Laxus can beat Sasuke, even without EMS, he has the 1 step complete Susanoo which is the strongest offense and defense. I cant agree that Laxus is as fast as Raikage but i think he has potential though. And the Sharingan eye can play the opponent though. Even Itachi who has Sharingan fall to Sasuke`s genjutsu.

About Erza VS Sasuke, its quite obvious. Ive said it lately that one Amaterasu on her face will be enough. Erza doesn`t have the speed to dodge that. And she will suck with the Susanoo as well.

About Minato VS MAkarov, Minato is not an Idiot to throw his kunai anywhere without thinking though. He can throw it in different direction towards Makarov and can flash within that kunais until he will reach makarov w/o Makarov noticing it and can mark at makarov`s body, at least many marks in one attempt. At that time, he can control the battle.

About Raikage VS Makarov, of course it will hurt, but that`s if he can hit the Raikage. Makarov in his giant mode is nothing but strength. Raikage had it all, extreme speed and strength + his killing instinct through his lightning attacks. Exploding rocks through cracks, it will just become a ladder for the Raikage to fly higher. Tsunamis, it will just become a conductor of lightning.

I`m sorry if i involved the older ones here. If we talk about the current kages, yeah they`re weaker but doesn`t mean they will lose easily. The have Onoki who has Kekkie genkai that can turn his target into dust.

I think we`re getting far from the main topic (w/c is NatsuVSNaruto) :D
But you`re cool. I like debates like this. ^^
345rv5 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist
That`s quite long....

You're underestimationg Laxus. Last time i checked, PTS Laxus was easily on par with Raikage's LV Ration armor in both speed and power, especially in Dragon Force and his Thunder Palace is easily on par with Sasuke's Kirin.

Post timeskip Laxus is alpt more powerful than the one who can reduce a town to ruinsat his best. Hell given Daanzo can break MS Sasuke's Sunasoo and he has notablly less destrcutive force than Raikage and Laxus, i think Laxus can break Sunasoo with enough effort.

Again you're overlooking Erza's feats and speed. I agree she'll be hardpresed to to dodge it it with her own speed however her flight armro can keep up with people as fast as Laxus and Jellal so i can see her dodge it with that armor.Also if Fairy Armor can smash an island which has the mass of a small mountain before timeskop .,i'm pretty sure Erza post timesko can shatter Sunasoo given she should be at least capable of bypassing mountain level durability/defense

Still it's going to be hard throwing it in the right direction when one can generate massive force winds swining his fists around and crating Tsial waves with kicks against a foe who's at least on par with lower level tailed beasts.I doubt Minato can win easily but he'll still win.

I think that again Raikage would still have problems given Marakov has some other forms of magic other than raw strentgh. Also Let's not underesitmate the sie of the opponent. Kurama is roughly as large as Marakov and yet surpisngly fast, fast enough to keep up with Sage Naruto who's extermely fast. While Riakage is easily faster than Sage Naruto, the size of Marakov and the force of his blows would make it hard for Raikage to avoid even with his speed.

And mind you Riakage is covered with lgihting, he'll injure Marakov but also hurt himself as well but given this is the same guy who punched Sasuke even with Sasuke covered with Amaeasertu so i don't think he minds the pain.

Didn't i say that the curent Kages are on par with Fiary Tail top tiers. Also Hashirama and Madara are the same level and Madara lone crushed all 5 kages pretty easily.

Exactly, which makes Onoki dangerous to Fairy Tail and Marakov just as dangerous to Naruto. Karakov's Fiary Law can ingore durability and takes out only the enemeies with a vast radius and he has other forms of lehtal magic.

Hell here are some battles that would make for decent fights between Naruto and Fairy Tail.

Erza TS vs Mei

Kagura vs Mifune

Tsunade va Mirajane TS

Laxus TS vs Raikage

TS Jellal vs Sasuke ( without EMS )

TS Jura vs Gaara

Marakov vs Onoki

TS Ultear vs Itachi

Kisame vs Azuma

Hades vs Pein

Mirevana vs Konan

I think we`re getting far from the main topic (w/c is NatsuVSNaruto)
But you`re cool. I like debates like this. ^^
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be honest here,
I`m not following FT anymore since their last fight against the Reborn Oracion Seis so i`m not updated on their current abilities now and I dont know the new ones like Mirevana and Kagura. But I think Mifune`s battle will be boring.

Erza VS Mei
I think Erza will win this. Mei is not that fast and dont have enough defense either. But her Lava release element is quite tough. This will be not easy for Erza.

Tsunade VS Mira,
I want to see this! I guess Mira is on lead here but Tsunade has a demonic strength and auto-healing ability.. This will be a tough battle!

Laxus VS Raikage
This battle will take long time.. -_- and i dont have any idea who leads.

Jellal VS Sasuke
I dont know what`s the current abilities of Jellal but i think Sasuke will take this even w/o EMS.

Jura VS Gaara
I think it will be jura.

Makarov VS Onoki
Im not sure if onoki can use his kekkei genkai on very huge objects. This match is quite equal.

Ultear VS Itachi
Its itachi.

Kisame VS Azuma
Kisame, with water prison + water sharks.

Hades VS Pain
If the 6 paths you mean, then it will be Pain.. But if only the Tendo, Its unpredictable..

I cant say anything on Konan`s battle. ^
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Good work
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thanks :)
PinkGirl123 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
No problem :3
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GO NARUTO~!:iconcheerplz:
avdsouza Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
YES. :)
ArcCrimsonhart Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
Even though I'm not a huge fan of Naruto, I would have to say he would probably win this though I'm sure Natsu wouldn't make it easy for him.
avdsouza Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
345rv5 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist
actually Naruto's win rasehsurken could probably cause him to lose to Natsu currently unless Naruto uses Kurama chakra.
rmac107 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
spida01 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Student Artist
LinkWarriorInGreen Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
5 bucks on Natsu, that dragon boy's too stubborn to die! ^.^
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Naruto is also stubborn.
He even fight hokages(Sarutobi and Tsunade) when he was a child.
345rv5 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist
But he lost to both as a kid
darkninja238 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah.. but what i mean here is Naruto doens`t mind how strong he`s opponent is.. Thats his way of being stubborn.
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